BantamKit was created to solve problems.

Before turning to sublimation, acquiring uniforms in past years was a headache. It usually started with getting dozens of blank stock jerseys and pants that are mass-produced. Not only did this mean that the garments were the same designs as hundreds, if not thousands of other teams, but you were also getting products that had been sitting in a warehouse just waiting to be shipped out.

After that came the task of applying logos. Embroidery meant that the logos could fray through wear and tear, then gather and bunch up after washes. Applying numbers? Tackle-twill? Heat seal? Screen print?
All methods that lead to unraveling, shredding, peeling, chipping and cracking. This, of course, is after you've run around trying to organise each instalment of whatever you want to apply, and from whatever outlet you source it.

An easier way is to get it all done at once. Designs, logos, names, numbers, sponsors – all in one go. And in a way that won't lead to extra added weight or leave anything to wear or fade away. This is the beauty of sublimation through BantamKit.

Our expertise comes from many years' experience in sublimation design and knowing how to create impactful and professional-grade uniforms. Everything in our uniforms is printed into the very fabric that you wear. Where some applications sit on the surface where they are exposed to contact and the elements, our sublimated uniforms are lightweight but tough.

With years of experience in producing professional quality playing kit, you can trust BantamKit to supply you with the very best of game day gear for you and your team.

We can apply colours, numbers, names, patterns, logos etc all at NO EXTRA COST.