What is sublimation?
Sublimation printing is the very best option for uniform manufacturing. Unlike other printing techniques, which can lead to a multitude of flaws, designs applied by sublimation become vibrant and long-lasting.

When your design is approved, each panel of the garment is printed onto large rolls of paper. The paper is then fed into a huge sublimation machine where, under a lot of pressure and heat, it meets the fabric.

Where other printing techniques and applications, like screen-printing and heat-sealing, sit on the surface of the fabric, which allows fading, peeling, cracking etc., sublimation designs are transferred into the very fabric of the garment where they stay.

Our uniform application will not fade, chip, peel or scratch.

How do I place a order?
As no orders are simple stock shipments from a warehouse, we prefer to talk about what you want from a uniform. That way you know your uniform is completely custom-made just for you. Do you want something completely new with your team's colours, or want to emulate your favourite pro or college team?
Click here to go to our design request form.
This is always the best way to keep communication about an order in place.

Do you provide a design service?
Absolutely, and it's FREE. Chat with us and we will work together to create your new uniform.

How long does an order take?
From approval, we aim to have it in your hands within 6-7 weeks.

Is there a minimum quantity of items to place an order?
All orders (unless replacements for faults) require 20 items to process.
If you have already had a team order completed with us, in most cases, we can take single garment orders for the same design.

Where can I check sizing?
Click here to view size measurements for each garment on offer.

What is QuadFlex?
QuadFlex is our 4-way stretch fabric that's used on our football jerseys and pants. Traditional fabrics are 2-way stretch, let's say up-to-down. 4-way has a layer within the threads that are naturally woven across the top threads. This gives it up-to-down and left-to-right stretching. This takes much more stress off seams which, in turn, makes your garments much more durable.

Why is there no kit builder on the website?
As mentioned before, the biggest appeal to team up with BantamKit is that we will make your uniform unique and made just for you. We don’t stock a warehouse with the same run-of-the-mill jerseys etc. Visit our contact form to start chatting with us and we’ll get you looking sharp in time for your season opener.

Wait, isn't a bantam a chicken?
Yes, well, technically, it's a name for a smaller variety of foul.
Typically, bantams are calm but will defend their patch with aggression.
They are also kept by many the world over as show birds.
So, just like the teams we provide for, they're fiercely territorial and look good while being so.